Media Services

Establishing the required press, editorial and technical teams in the electronic projects, providing press materials from reports and investigations

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Advertising Services

Providing advertising services in major international and local satellite channels at competitive prices, Managing advertising campaigns

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Consulting Services

Advertising research services, public relations services, brand promotion and gaining public loyalty to the company

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About Us

Approach Media Company LLC, is registered under TIN ( 812098932 ) in the United States of America,

Its Board of Directors is chaired by Professor Mona Ali Kassem. Approach Media Co. has launched to present a various and revolutionary media vision, focusing on the new media, with more than 20 years of experience in the old media, both visual and printed.

Approach Media Co. has specialized in the management and implementation of major media projects in the Arab world, and focused on the youth from the age of 13 to 45 years. Since its launching, Approach Media Co. has operated to develop projects based on in-depth field research carried out by the company before accessing the target market. Therefore, all the launched projects were successful, stemming from an academic and research views, which translate themselves into reality among the target public.

Our Projects

Approach media have done some projects like: Shabab20, and