Approach Media Co. provides bundled media and advertising services to its customers in the United States of America, Europe and the Arab countries, such as:

Media Services

Establishing the required press, editorial and technical teams in the electronic projects, providing press materials from reports and investigations which was illustrated by digital, visual and printed art and provided by the best of our reporters around the world. Editorial Services:  providing bundled editorial options for media organizations, through a team of professional editors who are familiar with the market needs and the nature of the media organization that work on their behalf, in addition to the Interviews Service with Hollywood celebrities.

Advertising Services

Providing advertising services in major international and local satellite channels at competitive prices, Managing advertising campaigns in the electronic field effectively with access to different segments of the public at the request of the company.

Consulting Services

Advertising research services, public relations services, brand promotion and gaining public loyalty to the company, Public consulting services for the establishment of media projects in the United States of America, Germany and the Arab world.