Shabaab20 Magazine was launched as a print magazine, addressing Arab youth around the Arab world, through the publication of a printed periodical edition with fine colored paper. It has covered a number of topics that interest Arab youth, and presented the most daring investigations through the network of its reporters in Dubai, Cairo, Beirut, London, New York, Hollywood and the rest of the world, and hosted VIPs and social leaders and celebrities in the Arab world. It was the first to open the thorny social files and was famous for raising health, social and technical topics.

During its journey, Shabab20 Magazine has been able to leave distinctive marks in the Arab media, as it is the initiator of the initiative “Most Influential Figures in the Arab World”, which annually submits an opinion poll to its followers. Hundreds of thousands of participants had participated through its website and reporters, to know the most influential figure in the Arab world, then honoring the most popular figures through a huge ceremony held in Dubai to deliver shields and awards to those figures to as an appreciation for their influence in the Arab youth.

The circulation of Shabab20 Magazine has reached 100 thousand copies distributed in various Arab countries, Canada and the United States of America. According to Google Analytics Statistics, the magazine website has reached half a million visitors in six months. In 2016, Shabab20 Magazine has been fully transformed into the digital version and has joined Approach Media Co., in line with the rapid developments in the public needs, and has achieved the highest traffic in the Arab world until this day.

Echoarabi was launched in July 2018 as an Arabic digital platform, offering its topics for young followers as videos. It has undertaken to enlighten its public, create new opportunities for them, and focused on bringing cultures closer where racism and extremism have increased in our world, so Echoarabi has transferred the man news wherever he was, without any bias, or partisan, which contributed to make it an overall vessel for all tendencies.

In just 5 months, Echoarabi was able to outperform the top 10 Arab media organizations on Facebook and surpassed all its competitors from digital platforms, according to Fan page Karma statistics, which specialized in providing neutral statistics, in which has experienced the highest growth in terms of the public compared to all Arab institutions, and still occupies this position despite approaching a one-year term.

Echoarabi has ambitious plans to expand into real Arabic content that provides true information to the Arab user, in light of the decline of Arab content quality institutionally and individually.

Echoarabi is not only a success story for the company, but it was a testimony to the Arab public, who has long been accused of reading the Tabloid, as cultural, literary and political topics have brought millions of views, such as art and traditional Tabloid topics. Up to 150 million views per month of Echoarabia are on Facebook alone, in which it aims to expand to provide an Arab and international media experience.

Is a digital media platform that aims to provide international cinema news in Arabic and to the 300 million arab population in the Arab world. It is the first Arab country to present Hollywood news from its field reporters and host the world’s celebrities, with exclusive interviews and introduction to Arab public.

Hollywood Now also offers through a team of professional and specialized editors, a cinematic critique, film history, world heroism stories, film reviews, and world box office news. It continues to connect with the world’s most renowned production companies to present the latest film news in a manner consistent with Arab culture, as well as its content to the Arab user with the highest degree of credibility.